Custom Wire & Cable Assembly

Wholesale Batteries is proud to offer custom cable and wire builds.  We offer a wide range of options to meet our customer’s needs. Choose from a range of wire starting at 22 AWG up to our 4/0 AWG battery cable. The general purpose low voltage primary wire we offer ranges from 22 AWG to 8 AWG and is thermoplastic insulated wire ideal for automotive, truck, trailers, boats, and other point-to-point low voltage wiring applications. Its jacket surface is smooth enough to easily go through loom or conduit yet tough enough to resist grease, oil, and acid. The single conductor copper wire is the ideal solution for dependable general purpose needs. 

The high voltage cable we offer ranges from 8 AWG to 4/0 AWG and is constructed of ASTM B172 rope stranded copper conductor, vinyl separator, insulated with oil and water resistant elastomer rubber compound. This 600 volt, highly flexible cable has an operating temperature between -49° C to +105° C. While the smaller wire comes in a variety of different colors our high voltage battery cable is available in standard red or black but other colors are available.

Our large selection of terminal ends ensures that we are able to perform custom builds that exceed what is offered by our competitors. Whether you need a simple 6” jumper cable or a complex 120” cable with ring terminals, Wholesale Batteries is able to professionally assemble any amount of cables to get you out of a bind.

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Some of the materials we offer include:

  • Primary wire (22-18 AWG to 8 AWG)
  • Battery cable (8 AWG to 4/0 AWG)
  • Ring terminals with eyelets ranging from #10 hole to ½” hole
  • Pliable heat shrink or heavy wall adhesive heat shrink in red or black
  • Positive and negative ends for connecting to SAE post terminals
  • Flag terminals
  • Butt connectors
  • Jumper cable clamps
  • Mega lugs
  • Inline fuses
  • Flex and split Loom
  • Tin plated copper braided ground straps

For additional information, please call or stop in at either our Kansas City or O’Fallon showrooms; we will be happy to check out your existing cable requirements or needs and answer any questions you may have.  If you are not near one of our locations, please reach out via phone or email to our Sales team:

Kansas City: (800) 886-8658,

O’Fallon: (877) 978-5455,