About Us

Wholesale Battery Distributor

We supply batteries for applications in automotive, commercial, farm and agriculture, marine, lawn and garden, powersports (motorcycle, ATV, jet-skis), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Switchgear, Telecommunications, Solar (Photovoltaic), mobile electronics (cellular), laptops, cordless phones, power tools (new and remanufactured), custom pack building to meet specific requirements, portable electronics, hearing aids, lanterns, watches, emergency exit lighting, LMR (land mobile radio), two-way radio, video and digital cameras, and security and fire panels.

Battery Chemistries

Battery chemistries offered to support these applications include lead-acid, VRLA (sealed lead-acid), nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, alkaline, carbon zinc, zinc air, lithium ion (Li-Ion), lithium iron phosphate, and lithium polymer.

Battery Brands

We distribute high quality models and brand names, such as: C&D Dynasty, Panasonic, Rayovac, East Penn, Deka, Enersys, PowerSonic, Schumacher, Varta, Japlar/Schauer, CSB, GNB, Leoch, BB Battery, Odyssey, Cyclon, Genesis, PowerSafe, DataSafe, US Battery, Xeno, Xenotronics, and many more.

Battery Accessories

In addition to batteries, we offer battery related accessories to include battery chargers, custom-built cables, wire and cable, battery terminals, terminal protectors, jump packs, anderson quick disconnects, battery disconnects, fuses, fuse holders, battery trays and boxes, nylon cable ties, and many more.

Our Services

Some of the different services we offer include; large-scale installations, the rebuilding of batteries and of course sourcing any type of battery you need, whether it be for your cellphone, your laptop, or your 4×4. When your needs are immediate, give us a call – Wholesale Batteries has a large inventory of batteries and battery accessories from which to choose.

Outstanding Customer Service and Knowledgeable Staff

Wholesale Batteries has been serving its customers as a trusted supplier of batteries and battery related accessories since 1977. Our goal is to develop customers who keep coming back.

Our staff is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry with over 200 years of combined battery industry experience. In addition to providing product our service team is qualified to install, remove, replace, maintain, and recycle your batteries.

We have two stocking warehouses in O’Fallon, MO and Kansas City, KS. Customer pickup and daily shipments are available. Same day shipping and local delivery service is available.

We serve all types of customers; each customer carries the same level of importance, whether they need just one battery or many batteries. No matter your battery requirement, Wholesale Batteries can meet your needs.

Extensive Product Range

We carry batteries for many applications: automotive, commercial, farm/agricultural, marine, motorcycle/ATV, cordless tools, cellular phones, laptops/tablets, 2-way radios, digital/video cameras, exit lighting, fire/security, and UPS/Telecom. Custom battery builds and rebuilds is one of our specialties. We also provide a wide range of battery-related accessories – custom cables, terminal ends, chargers, jump-packs, tools, and battery boxes.

Popular products include the 12V 15Min Rate Insert Terminals FR C&D VRLA UPS batteries UPS12-300MR, UPS12-350MR, UPS12-150MR, UPS12-210MR, and UPS12-490MR models. We stock PS-12750U 20Hr Rate Universal Terminal PowerSonic VRLA batteries, 665MF 12V 850CCA 1045CA 150RC Deka Automotive batteries, MCT-9 2V 384 Ah 8Hr Rate San Jar 1.215 Spg Long Duration Classic GNB batteries, 1131MF 12V Stud Deka Commercial batteries, and US2200XC2 6V 232AH 474RC @ 25A Standard Terminal Deep Cycle golf cart batteries.

Call us now if you need a Deka Intimidator VRLA battery, Deka Automotive battery, Deka Sweeper/Scrubber battery, Enersys Cyclon E-Class VRLA battery, a short terminal deep cycle battery, Deka commercial battery, Faston PowerSonic VRLA battery or Deka PowerSport VRLA battery.

Locations in the St. Louis and Kansas City Metro Areas